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E-Commerce Web Design and Development Solutions -  Online Web Stores

The world is changing at a never before seen rate! 

Even the massive changes of Industrial Revolution, in the 1800's, did not have as much impact upon the world as the Internet is having today. Whether we like it or not, the world now does business in a totally different way. Those that learn, will rocket ahead and those who are slow to respond will go under.

The Internet is the greatest wealth creation tool since the Industrial Revolution.
The Internet is the ultimate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, Money Making Machine.
The Internet is the ultimate leveller. Someone with a well designed website can appear bigger than the biggest corporation. 
This is the greatest chance that your business will ever have! Make sure that you deal with people that will give you the best service!

E-commerce is the choicest media of doing global business for any organization in today's competitive environment. While the Internet has certainly allowed companies to establish a global presence, just having a website doesn't make the process of doing international business any easier.

Talk to Us! We can advise you on the many, many benefits of online e-commerce. Use our experience to give you the e-business edge that you need.

Do you want your customers to be able to see and buy your products or services 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Do you give out pamphlets, catalogues, pricelists, gift certificates? Do you have staff tied up checking inventories, providing phone support, or just receiving payments? It can all be done online. Take note of how the fortune 500 and other successful companies are doing e-business. We can do the same for you ... and at a tiny fraction of their cost.

E-commerce sites must generate trust with the user and make the buying decision as easy as possible. The IMAGE that your web site portrays is paramount. The navigation must be simple, but progress towards closing the sale. And every purchase should be possible within a few simple clicks. Success of these sites is measured in e-commerce online sales. 

Your site can be designed in many ways. You can make changes yourself, or we can make them for you, often cheaper than you can do them "In House".

Do you supply a product or service? 

If the answer is 'yes' then an e-commerce web site is for you. One of the most powerful benefits of the Internet is the ability to promote and sell your products and services world wide. 

We can build your online store with the popular 'click and buy' process where the customer adds items to their personal shopping cart simply by clicking a button next to the product/service image or description. They can then proceed to the checkout to finalise their order. Your email, fax or SMS notifies you that there's the order, complete with shipping address, invoice address and all the information you need to process the order. Credit card information will be provided if you have chosen to use the SSL secure server option to encrypt the information, or the money just appears in your bank account, if you use automated live transactions, or third party credit card processing facilities.

Even if your business does not supply a product or service that can be marketed on a global basis an e-commerce website can still dramatically increase sales and revenue on a domestic level. We know of a professional masseur, who, of course,  could not globally sell his product, as his clientele had to come to him from within just a few kilometres radius. However, by having a website and promotion targeted to his local area, and e-commerce enabling it, he was able to successfully sell massage gift vouchers on-line. Talk to us. We have many years of extensive business marketing ideas. We can make an e-commerce online investment work for you.

Accepting credit cards

This can be confusing even if you are experienced in business as there seem to be so many options. At Ultra Web Design we will help you find the best option for you. Some are very inexpensive. 

Again, talk to us. We do not want to tell our opposition the knowledge that we have accumulated over many years, but we do want to help our clients get the best e-commerce solutions for them.

To make informed e-business decisions, one place to start is to contact your local bank in the first instance. Explain what you want to do, (don't sign up for anything yet) then look at other e-commerce options that we can suggest. Dependant upon your e-commerce volume, value and products, we will suggest several different transaction methods and e-solutions.

You can start selling Right Now! You don't necessarily need a 'Merchant Account', which is usually the basic starting point for accepting credit card payments manually. Some businesses may not be able to set up a Merchant Account for some reason or they made need to process the transaction in 'real time'. There are also many online payment processing companies. We cannot make recommendations here for obvious reasons but below you will find links to some of the biggest players in the market.

If you want, you can accept payment in Multi Currency, converted into the currency of your choice. This can even be arranged so that your website automatically presents a different page depending on where the viewer is looking from, in a different language, and charge different amounts in different countries, depending on what their local market will absorb. This can be modified by you "In House", on a day to day basis as you test the feel of the market.

Probably two of the well known e-commerce credit card processing companies are www.worldpay.com and www.paypal.com. If you wish, take a look through their web sites to gain a grounding on the systems and costs involved. They are excellent if you are selling world-wide in multi currencies.

We have lots of other e-commerce and online payment solutions. Please contact us for further help, assistance and guidance. Often clients find there is a lot of confusion with e-commerce. At Ultra Web Design we are always pleased to help. 

When building an e-commerce web site ensure that is fully scalable and interactive. A well designed web site will do this and more. The chances are that you are also building a long term partnership with your design company as you expand ( and often expand rapidly).  Be sure you engage a company that can rely upon, that will give you VALUE, CREATIVITY, RELIABILITY.

If someone can build your website for less, we believe they are providing an inferior service.

Whatever you need to do .... if it can be done, we can do it !!!

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