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The Internet is HUGE. Be Found !

Have your Web Site Designed with Search Engine Optimisation.

Did you know that over 25 Billion Web Pages exist online?
Did you know that there are about 4 Billion indexed Web Pages and growing daily?
Did you know that 85% of internet users use search engines to find the web sites they want?
That search engine listings are the number one way to generate traffic on web sites?
Do you know what it means to have Web Site " Search Engine Optimisation " or be "Search Engine Ready" or "Search Engine Friendly"?

If you answered NO to one or all of the above, then you should consider how to actively market your web site. If you are not one of the 4 Billion indexed web pages, then your chances of being found by a search engine are very small, period.

Itís simple: you have to compete with thousands if not millions of web designers and businesses to get search engine listed. By "search engine listed", we mean listed high in the search engine "rankings". How useful are the search engines to you if your site is ranked on page 169, or worse,  blacklisted by the engines. That is why we put great dedication into your web site conceptualisation and web site search engine optimisation.  ("web site search engine optimization" if you are not in Australia... We build web sites for clients all over the world.)

Web Site Optimisation - Search Engine Optimisation - SEO
What Search Engine Web Spiders look for:

Web Site Search Engine Optimisation really means adjusting each of your web pages so they are a perfect fit for the way a visiting search engine spider will assess your site. What is a Search Engine Spider? Spiders are programmes built by the Search Engine companies. They crawl the web reading the code used to produce your site as well as the actual text you place on it. Some visit a site in response to a request made by you (Search Engine Submission), others simply follow links between web sites. Generally it is easier to get ranked by a spider if a number of other web sites link to yours. Ensuring you get visited by a spider is part and parcel of good website optimisation.

Internet Marketing : There are more than 300 million searches on the Internet every day. This massive audience dwarfs traditional media and there is another big difference - people using the Internet are looking for specific information. This means your Web Site can be a direct route for reaching people who actively want what you to.

All too often people mistakenly believe that simply having a Web Site will instantly mean an increase in business. It is not true. The quality of your site and the care you take in publicising it are the key factors in determining its success.

At Ultra Web Design we can help you every step of the way in getting your web site optimised, listed and noticed. Getting listed with search engines and being featured monthly on a continuous basis carries a lot of weight. With over 90% of Australians regularly using the Internet, it is the best investment in promotion around. However, it takes much more than submission to search engines and typing keywords and description meta tags.

We can help you by building a search engine friendly web site and create an entire e-marketing business strategy. 

Search Engine Optimisation: From conception, we will optimise your web siteís structure, content, keywords, and description for various web pages, not just the index page. Every page, is designed, not only for aesthetics and functuality, but with search engine ranking in mind. We  have many search engine secrets that we have learnt over the years. We don't tell others, we use them for you, our client. Our experience is your benefit.

Regular Search Engine Submissions: We can submit individual pages to over 300 search engines (including Google, Yahoo, MSNDMOZ, Altavista and other Top 10 search engines) and FFA pages, on a monthly basis to improve the listing of the various pages.

Search Engine Inclusion: We can include your site in other major and minor search engines, FFA pages and links such as AOL, Anzwers, GoTo.com, iWon, HotBot, MSN, NBCi, Yahoo corporate, and others (over 500,000 in total if requested)

At times, after making your site search engine friendly, we can also recommend paid express submissions and targeted pay per click advertising. We encourage reciprocal links and can assist in setting up reciprocal link programs which help search engine ranking. Just by being one of our clients, there will be many sites pointing to yours, and search engines will tend to give you a higher ranking.

We can arrange a Premium Submission Service which will register your site with several major and hundreds of thousands, minor search engines, directories, blogs and link sites. Registration with the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista,  is made manually to ensure correct placement of your site. 

For "Do it yourself" Search Engine Submission, you may try here.

Banner Advertising: We can create and provide reciprocal or paid banner advertising that will target your specific and most promising markets. 
Link Exchange Programs: We can establish a link exchange programs to improve your listing and have you found on related websites.
Bulk Email and Opt-in Lists. Everyone hates "Spam" email. The reason that people use it is .... It works. Your message can be sent to millions at a fraction of the cost of most other advertising mediums.

At Ultra Web Design, we can advise you on many, many e-business strategies and e-marketing opportunities to make your business thrive. We do however believe that having a well designed web site, that is search engine optimised, is an excellent way to bring your targeted audience to you.

When building a web site ensure that is search engine friendly, optimised, fully scalable and interactive. A well designed web site will do this and more, but not many designers understand this or even realise that these necessities exist. The chances are that you are also building a long term partnership with your design company as you expand, ( and often expand rapidly).  Be sure you engage a company that can rely upon, that will give you VALUE, CREATIVITY, RELIABILITY.

We endeavour to produce the most creative and best value websites on the net. Our belief is that if you get a lesser quote, it is for an inferior service.

Whatever you need to do .... if it can be done, we can do it !!!

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