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Search engine optimisation and submission services   Search Engine Optimisation / Submission

Did you know that search engines are the main sources of traffic for almost every website? And that poorly optimised websites get almost none of this.

Many website designers do not realise that in order to rank highly for Search Engine Registration, you not only need to submit your website to the major and minor search engines and link lists, with Meta Tags, Keywords, Description etc, but, from conception, every aspect of the site optimisation must be considered. 

Although we do not wish to show other designers how to achieve what has taken us years to discover, let us say that to rank highly in search engines, there are many, many variables, all of which must be considered from the design stage onwards. The tricky bit is that each search engine uses a different algorithm to determine the website ranking, and this is changing quite frequently. Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) as well as ongoing site placement monitoring and re-submission, can be provided, whereby we will re-tune and re-submit your site on a regular basis.

To get the most from your website, we advise all our clients to use their site as an adjunct to their other promotion. e.g. if a client used to have a budget for promotion, then spread the budget totally differently, with a high proportion being used for their online presence and being easily found in the search engines.

Say, our client used to spend a large amount on the Yellow Pages, Television, Pamphlets, Cinema etc. We suggest to spend much less on their other promotion, build a magnificent website with the cost saving made, and use the other promotion to boldly promote their website and to funnel traffic to it, and become more search engine friendly. 

The net result will be slightly less conversions from the other promotions, but a huge amount more of total conversions from the website at a much less cost. And once a website is up, it is up forever with only minimum annual registration and hosting costs.

But dollar for dollar, search engines and online promotions are the best value advertising available today. A business web site will do far better if it ranks highly in the major search engines and directories. Make sure that yours can.

Different companies have different ways of promoting their web sites, often budget dependent. Unless you have a massive advertising budget to plaster your domain name on billboards, taxis, city buses and prime time television then you will need to be listed in the search engines.

Even if you do have a massive advertising budget you will still want to be visible on the search engines and directories.

We can arrange a Premium Submission Service which will register your site with several major and hundreds of thousands, minor search engines, directories, blogs and link sites. Registration with the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista,  is made manually to ensure correct placement of your site. 

For "Do it yourself" Search Engine Submission, you may try here.

Most search engines and search directories now have a paid priority submission service which we can arrange for you if you require it. 

Other excellent options are pay per click, where a paid keyword relevant search brings up your ad or submission, and you only pay if a viewer clicks through to your site. Talk to us for more detailed advice on how to make your website work for you.


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