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AUSTRALIAN WEB SITE DESIGNERS AND DEVELOPERS - ULTRA WEB DESIGN - We don't just build web sites - We help make money for you.

Everyone knows someone, who knows someone, whose cousin has just done a web design course and will do your web site for free, or next to nothing. For most business people, the most uninformed business decision they ever make is when they write that cheque to " NewandCheap Webdesigning ". 

"The most costly website you can ever get, is one that you get for free" 

You see, most web developers know nothing about business ... much less yours. They talk a good game, and can really impress you with terms like E-Commerce, B2B, B2C and Integrated databases, but the truth is, they don't have the foggiest idea about Internet Business Solutions or how to drive profits to your business using interactive web marketing techniques. This is why most websites don't bring the return on investment that is expected. A good Website and Internet Marketing Strategy should bring a better ROI than any other type of Marketing Promotional Investment.

The new web designer claims to have the knowledge and expertise to lead your business into the new economy, but the truth is, what he doesn't know will cost you dearly! Yet few business people understand that he's more than just playing with lines of code ... he's playing with your IMAGE, PROFIT, REPUTATION and LIVELIHOOD. Maybe the guy has spent a couple of years doing his course and has just emerged top of his class. Still not good enough.

When they talk about how they top their class after three years of study, and impress you, let us tell you that between the people who will work on your site at Ultra Web Design, they have hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge. We have sought out people who are some of the best in the world at what they do... Some are experts at graphic design, Some experts in coding, some in databases, some in flash, some in browser compatibility, some at search engine optimisation, but more importantly, some are business people that realise that your website is not only your company IMAGE and CREDIBILITY, but is there to MAKE MONEY FOR YOU.

And now for the other end of the spectrum.  You realise that you need the very best website that your money can buy, so you pick the largest add in the phone book, and arrange an appointment with an expensively suited individual in a very expensive high rise premium office space in the inner city with views to the ocean. They must be the best to be able to afford the many thousands of dollars per week in overheads... Well, someone has to pay for all that and that someone is YOU. 

Don't be fooled by glitz, glamour and high priced salesmen. A large part of the cost of your site will be to pay their weekly overheads.

Ultra Web Design is one of the longest running Website Designers and Developers in Australia with affiliates worldwide and deliberately low overheads.

We endeavour to produce the most creative and best value websites on the net. Our belief is that if you get a lesser quote, it is for an inferior service. We have efficiency through our experience and our international affiliations. Our designers are chosen because, not because they are some of the best in Australia, but because they are some of the Best in the World.

If it can be done ... we can do it ! 

The Internet is the greatest wealth creation tool since the Industrial Revolution.
The Internet is the ultimate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, Money Making Machine.
The Internet is the ultimate leveller. Someone with a well designed website can appear bigger than the biggest corporation. 

This is the greatest chance that your business will ever have!

If you're like most small to medium business owners, you're struggling to keep the business you have let alone growing your business amidst the rapidly ever changing economic environment. Chances are you're frustrated and even paralysed by all of the technical jargon, and empty promises being made by every new comer web designer you talk to. And you have had quotes from the big end of town and had to pick yourself up off the floor when you read the price. Yet you can't afford to make a bad decision. You need the highest return on your investment. An ineffective website will cost you many times over in lost business and reputation. You're racing against the clock, as your competitors look to out smart and out manoeuvre you online. The World is changing very rapidly.

The Internet is not just growing -- It is Exploding !!!  Make sure that YOU benefit from it.

A website should not cost you a cent! A website (or more accurately, an Internet E-Business Solution) should not be an expense to your company. It should be a balance sheet item that delivers a measurable and high, return on investment. IT SHOULD RETURN A PROFIT FOR YOU.

Ultra Web Design  ... We have grown by giving our clients Value, Creativity, Reliability.

Ultra Web Design services include all you will need to get your business on the Internet, from domain name registration, web site hosting through to web site conception, design and build,  search engine optimisation, submission and internet promotion and marketing.

Our areas of international expertise encompass every aspect of web development, including graphic design, HTML, ASP, Java, Perl, PHP, Flash, application development, code maintenance, database design and integration as well as search engine tuning and e-business promotion. From conception, our web sites are created to feature highly in the search engines, a critical element of most companies web site success. 

We are a full multimedia company. From the very inspiration of your idea, we can assist you with your business promotion. Whether it be creation of your company logo, design of your business cards, your letterhead designs, multimedia cdrom powerpoint presentations, signage design for your vehicles, banners, billboards, .... we can provide it all!

With the recent explosion of business on the Internet, many people had forecast that print media would become extinct. Attractive brochures, newsletters, and of course, good, crisp writing will never go out of style. (Also these can be available from your web site in PDF format or from email campaigns ... at just a fraction of the cost of hard copy.) We tie all of your promotion together, giving you a consistent business presentation, and by bundling it together, reducing the cost enormously!

Ultra Web Design offers the finest in multimedia services - we are a one-stop shop for writing, research, editing, designing and printing all your media needs. Plus we can offer many years of business advice for free to all our valued clients.

We now also offer FREE 1800 and 1300 telephone numbers for your business. With a range of some of the cheapest priced plans in Australia, your business will boom once you connect to a FREE 1800 or 1300 phone number. Please call us on 1800 504 300 for more information or have a look at our web site.

Everything about your company image and business promotion should all be combined. Each piece of promotional literature or multimedia presentation should enhance your corporate presence. We can do it all for you with Value, Creativity, Reliability.

Internet services we can provide include:
» Web site design
» E-commerce development
» Database driven web sites
» Search engine submission
» Web site optimisation
» Domain name registration
» Web site hosting
» Graphic and logo design
» FREE 1800 and 1300 Phone Numbers

Take a look at our services to find out more about what we can do for you and your business.

Australian Website Designers and Developers - Ultra Web Design - One of Australia's longest running website designers

We endeavour to produce the most creative and best value websites on the net. Our belief is that if you get a lesser quote, it is for an inferior service.

Whatever you need to do .... if it can be done, we can do it !!!

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